Mar 31, 2008

How useful Passive Voice is!

When I don't know the Doer,I can use Passive Voice.

The building was built by 1995.

The cake was eaten.
Who did eat ?

Difference of Japanese and English -Part3(ver1.1)

3.Method of modification

In many case in English,the modifier is put on behind a modified word.
but,in Japanese the modifier is put on in front of a modified word.
It is opposite! ...orz

the dish made by her
'the dish'←(made by her)
'その夕食'←(作った 彼女が)

We replace the order in ().

and, we put on () in front of the modified word.

>> 彼女が作ったその夕食(Correct Japanese)

the man who is standing over there
'the man'←(who is standing over there)
'その男の人' ←(立っている 向こうに)

We replace the order in ().
'その男の人' ←(向こうに立っている)

and, we put on () in front of the modified word.
>> 向こうに立っているその男の人(Correct Japanese)

I ate the dish made by her.(SVO)
I ate ←(made by her).
私は <その夕食>を ←(作った 彼女が) 食べました。

We replace the order in ().
私は <その夕食>を ←(彼女が作った) 食べました。

and, we put on () in front of the modified word.
>> 私は彼女が作ったその夕食を食べました。(Correct Japanese)

The man who is standing over there is my brother.(SVC)
←(who is standing over there) is my brother.
<その男の人>は←(立っている 向こうに) 私の弟です。 

We replace the order in ().
<その男の人>は←(向こうに立っている) 私の弟です。

and, we put on () in front of the modified word. 
>> 向こうに立っているその男の人は私の弟です。(Corect Japanese)

When modifier is 1 word in English,we can put on in front of the modified word.

pretty girl
>> かわいい少女(Correct Japanese)

beautiful lady
>> きれいなお姉さん(Correct Japanese)

smiling boy
>> 笑っている少年(Correct Japanese)

It is easy for each other to understand/translate. :D

Difference of Japanese and English -Part2 (ver1.1)

2.Relation between sentence patterns in English and how to translate into Japanese

If the sentence pattern is SV,we can translate into 'SはVします。'

I run.(SV)

If the sentence pattern is SVC,we can translate into 'SはCです。'.

she is kind.(SVC)

She Loves him.(SVO)

She gave him a present. (SVOO,S V O_1 O_2)
→彼女は彼にプレゼントをあげます。(Sは O_1に O_2を Vします。)

He see her sing.(SVOC)

Difference of Japanese and English Part1 (ver1.1)

1.Difference of word order

It is important for English sentences to arrange correctly.
If the word is replaced as it is,sentence doesn't work.

I ate sushi at the restaurant on Friday. (Correct English,SVO)
→I sushi ate at the restaurant on Friday.(Incorrect English)
→I at the restaurant ate sushi on Friday.(Incorrect English)

If you want to change the word order, it should be reworded.

I eat Sushi at a restaurant.
→I ate sushi at the restaurant on Friday.
→On Friday I ate sushi at the restaurant.
→On Friday at the restaurant, I ate sushi.

In many cases in Japanese sentences,The verb must be put on the last of sentence, but you may arrange other words as you like it.

I    eat    Sushi at a restaurant. (SVO)
私は 食べます すしを レストランで (Literal translation,Incorrect Japanese)
→私はすしをレストランで食べます。(Correct Japanse)

I try to change the word order.

→すしを私はレストランで食べます。(Correct Japanse)
→すしをレストランで私は食べます。(Correct Japanse)
→レストランで私はすしを食べます。(Correct Japanse)
→レストランですしを私は食べます。(Correct Japanse)

格助詞(kakujoshi or Case-marking particle) is very important.There is not Kakujoshi in English.Kakujoshi are 'は'、'を'、'で' in this sentence,and Kakujoshi is put on behind a noun.

But,when Kakujoshi is used by mistake,sentence become a strange Japanese.

私は 金曜日に レストランで すしを 食べました。(Correct Japanse)
I ate Sushi at restaurant on Friday.(Correct English)

私を 金曜日に レストランで すしが 食べました。(Strange Japanse)
Sushi ate me at restaurant on Friday.(what!?)

私が 金曜日を レストランで すしに 食べました。(Strange Japanse)
I ate Friday at restaurant on Sushi.(!!!!????)

Mar 26, 2008

FriendFeed just test!

I try Friendfeed.


What is this?
What will happen?

just test! just test! :D

Mar 25, 2008


I realized that I was wrong.'多分' is not 'maybe'.
possibly < maybe < perhaps, likely < probably

Mar 24, 2008

If I were to become a cat,

The subjunctive(仮定法)

If I were to become a cat,I could talk with you.
nyanya~nya~nya~:D mew?mewmew~:D.
(未来のありえないこと。 少し可能性があるときには、should)

If I were fine today,I would go with you.

If I had not been busy,I would have gone with you.

Mar 17, 2008

my dream is my schedule

I decided I change my company'io-art' into 'io-artJAPAN' within a year to feel happy with my friends .I'll start a small business in Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia,China,Korea and so on.

My business is my art.
my art is my life.

explosion! :D

Mar 16, 2008

KATSUSHIKA bandfestival 9th

We finished 'KATSUSHIKA bandfestival 9th' today.
This is the amature band contest in my town.
I'm Sub-chairman of voluntary management staffs.
I worked very hard.
so,I'm happy and sleepy.
good night.

I went to IZAKAYA.

I went to IZAKAYA on Monday.
IZAKAYA is a type of Japanese traditional bar.
I drank with my friends.(in Japanese '宴会:ENKAI'.)
I felt happy. :D

Mar 15, 2008


I am enthusing about ' Kanji Box' on facebook.

'JLPT 2' is easy for me.hahaha.^^
but,even if you are Japanese sensei(teacher),'JLPT 1' is difficult to answer .
How difficult!!(@@)

Maybe,it is not necessary to study so that you may live in Japan.
except you want to become a nerd. :p

Mar 14, 2008

Personality Tag Cloud

This is my new art named 'Personality Tag Cloud'.

This is not Japanese.
This is not Chinese nor American,too.

How do you feel? :D

Mar 13, 2008

エセ助動詞(have to + 原形動詞、used to+原形動詞、など。)

used to + 原形動詞:~したものだ
have to + 原形動詞:~しなければならない
ought to + 原形動詞:~すべきだ
seem to + 原形動詞:~みたい、~のようだ
had better + 原形動詞:~した方がよい

I used to be a mathematics teacher.
Now,I'm a president of small Advertising&IT company.

I used to play the guitar.
Now,my songs are played by synthesizer.

Cosplay(コスプレ)seems to be popular in Asia.

Mar 11, 2008

助動詞 + have

(過去):He must have been a teacher.
(現在):He must be a teacher.
(未来):He must studey English.

must have been~ ~だったに違いない。~したに違いない。
may have been~ ~だったのかもしれない。~したのかもしれない。
cannot have been~ ~だったはずがない。~したはずがない。

He must be a doctor.She may have been a nurse.:D

so that he might pass the examination

He studied hard so that he might pass the examination.
He studied hard so that he passed the examination.


Mar 10, 2008

my past

had + pp:過去完了形

I had been a mathematics teacher by 2002.
I have been a president of small marketing company.

Mar 9, 2008

It was snow on February(last month).

I found the photograph that I took last month.
It was snow on February(last month).My car was covered with snow.It was hard for me to remove the snow.very tired.^^;

Japan has 4seasons.Spring,Summer,fall(autumn),winter.In winter it is very cold .In summer it is very hot.So,I like Spring and fall .^^

Mar 6, 2008

...S,( ),V......

...S,( ),V......

( ) means,
1.Explanation of 'S'
2.Explanation of the entire sentence

I'm not a graduate school student

I'm not a graduate school student but a graduate.
I learn...

I found new word.
Tomokazu is WASEDA alumni.
alumnus(male graduate)+alumna(female graduate)=alumni :D.

Only even once

When I use this words,What do I hope?

Only even once

Mar 4, 2008

I can't think of any words to express her dance.

my friend,LuLu published her new works at youtube.
How great she dances!

Her Official site is here.


Mar 2, 2008

She is of value.

She is of value.
When 'of' comes behind 'is', I feel confuse.

go with

Does this glass go well with me?
I tried to V-kei cosplay.
but,It is wrong somewhere. haha. :D