Apr 25, 2009

the pronunciations of らりるれろ

The pronunciations of らりるれろ in Japanese are similar to the l,r,and d in English.There are individual variations in those ratios.


Some foreigners learning Japanese are confused by it.

Oppositely,most Japanese can't distinguish the difference between the l and r sounds...

I hope this information will be useful for your studies and communication.^^

Apr 23, 2009

Frequency Adverbs > ひんどの副詞

100% always,continually > いつも ~します
80% usually,frequently > たいてい ~します
60% often > しばしば ~します
30-50% sometimes,occationally > ときどき ~します
10-30% rarely,seldom,hardly ever,scarcely ever > めったに ~しません
0% not/never > ~しません

I scarcely ever use 'scarcely ever '. :DDDDDD