Aug 22, 2008

From Uonuma city to Niigata city

The next morning,we had a meeting to decide wether we should explore Niigata-ken or to go back to Gunma-ken, which we went through.Gunma has famaous many go or not to go: that is the question.I said that i would like to see the Nihonkai(Japan Sea) which is around by Korea,North Korea,Russia,and Japan. My family agreed to the idea, and We decided to go to Niigata city.

From uonuma city to Niigata city,we across the Shinanao river many times during the trip. it is the longest river in Japan.

we saw a lot of large rice feilds as well.
what does the young people like to do here?,we thought.There are some Pachinko which is a kind of Slot Gamble,Karaoke,and sports Gym among the fields. I like greens but i can't live here...
Then,we arrived Niigata city. we were like "wao!!!Niigata city is a modern building city!!!We can't believe it.It is like Shinjuku-ku Tokyo!"

We looked down at the town from the rainbow tower which has 100m in height. We could see Shinano river flowing into the Japan sea,the Train(Shinkansen) which have just reached at Niigata-station,and lines of modern buildings.

We go to Japan sea,although after the sunset. Its the first time i've seen the Japan sea!! wow!!But i can't distinguish it from the Pacific Ocean. ^^;;;;

This time, we notice that we didn't make reservations to stay in a hotel. Must we sleep in the open or in the car?
What will happen to us?
to be continued....
hahaha ^^

Aug 19, 2008

わたしはEnglishをspeakしているヤングパーソンたちのためにnew Japaneseをthinkしています。

today(きょう),わたしのmom(はは)は、me(わたし)に sayしました。(いいました。)

【そのゴミをポイしてきて。(throw away the garbages!)】

so(だから),わたしは、この idea(あいであ)を hit onしました。(おもいついきました。)

'ポイする(throw away)' is a correct Japanese verb!



so,this sentence is a correct Japanse,too.

(English > Japanese)
i am thinking new Japanese for the young persons speaking English. > わたしは Englishをspeakしているヤングパーソンたちのために new Japaneseを thinkしています。

although it is a little strange...^^;;
if you want it more natural,like this.
わたしは えいごをはなしているわかいひとたちのために あたらしいにほんごを かんがえています。

,but this method is very useful when you want to say the words that you don't remember/remind in Japanese.

let's try.

・Subjectは Complementです。
He is an Otaku. > he は an Otakuです。 > かれはオタクです。
she is kawaii. > sheは kawaiiです。 > かのじょはかわいいです。

・Suject は Verbします。
I get up. > I は get up します。 > わたしはおきます。
I sleep. > Iは sleepします。 > わたしはねます。

・Suject は Objectを Verbします。
i eat an aplle.> わたしは an appleを eatします。 > わたしは りんごを たべます。

・Suject は Object1に Object2を Verbします。
he give you a present. > he は youに a presentを giveします。 > かれは あなたに プレゼントを あげます。

do you get it?
let's try to write your diaries or sentences in Japanese.and i'll modify it to natural japanese if you want to me.^^

Aug 18, 2008

today is hot.

about weather.

English > Japanese

it's hot today. > きょうはあついです。
it's cold today. > きょうはさむいです。

it will be hot tomorrow. > あしたはあついでしょう。
it will be cold tomorrow. > あしたはさむいでしょう。

it was hot yesterday. > きのうはあつかったです。
it was cold yersterday. > きのうはさむかったです。

in japanese,we use 'day' as a we sometimes mistake like this.^^;;;;

today is hot. yesterday was cold.

if you find Japanese mistake it,please forgive and point it out kindly.


Aug 17, 2008

Okutadami Dam

for the first time I went to Niigata-ken Japan.
Niigata has a lot of nature.everyone in my family has drivers licenseces,so we go there by the car,and going there by the car is cheaper than by train(Sh inkansen) when there are over 3 or 4 people.

we went to Okutadami Dam.
Okutadami-ko is the biggest lake made by human in get there we need to go through a long tunnel.the tunnel is 18 km,it's awesome.

we rode cable car and arrived at lake of dam from was too big.i liked the nature and the air is very delicious.

that day,we stayead at an Onsen hotel in Uonuma city.Uonuma city is famous for making rice.we ate dinner, it was delicious!! and had Nihonshu(Sake) which is famaous,too. it is made by rice and clean water.we enjoyed some of it.I like Midori the best.

now? I am not a drunker.haha.^^