Jun 29, 2008


I have watched 'HEROES'.

Save the world.
Good and evil.
It changes by the person's put context.
who do you believe?
what do you believe?

i thought many things and i was excited by this story.^^

but,i am sorry for one thing...
there are many mistakes in Japanese pronunciation and details of Japanese scenes.Hiro Nakamura's pronunciation is the best.gradually his Japanese have improved.^^;;;


animals in Japanese(にほんごでどうぶつ)

どうぶつ > animal

ねこ > cat
いぬ > dog
うさぎ > rabbit
ぶた > pig
きつね >fox
とり > bird
らいおん > lion
とら > tiger
ぞう >elephant
さる >monkey
うし > cow,ox
ぱんだ > panda
おおかみ > wolf
うま > horse
しまうま > zebra
しか > deer
りす > squirrel
ねずみ > rat,mouse
くま > bear
きりん > giraffe

would you want to know more? ^^