Feb 15, 2009

a pretty thai girl

im a metaler.but i like this kind of music,too.

am I an OTAKU?

now Japanese don't buy CDs than 10 years ago.
musicians act at youtube and myspace on free.

how do they get fees?
from CDs,itune,lives,goods,and Appearance fees of TVs,radios.

im studying new ways to success for musicians.
i hope she'll be happy.^^

in my mind

i wrote a new song.
all sounds were played by synthesizers.

Feb 12, 2009

Goodbye to 'Oda-san'! Say hello to 'Tommy Yoda'!

i realized that to learn very different foreign languages are to learn foreign cultures and to have different personalities in own's mind.i have learned english grammar.

but many friends say that my English is strange...

why? why? why?

because i think in Japanese when i write my sentences.
many languages have the word order of SVO(Subject Verb Object).English,German,Chinese,and so on.but Japanese is very different from them.

the differences are...
・We put Verb at the end of sentences.
・We sometimes don't use Verb.
・We somtimes omit Subject and Object.
・We always use Onomatope.
,and many points.

ウサギは耳が長いです。 > (No direct translation)
ウサギの耳は長いです。 > Rabbits' ears are long.(direct translation)

but many English speaker doesn't say that.
probably they say 'Rabbits have long ears.'.

Rabbits have long ears. > ウサギは長い耳を持っている(direct translation)

i can translate it.but too strange Japanese.

Fluent translation is that.
Rabbits have long noses. > ウサギは耳が長いです。

ohhh...it's difficult...(><) i can't feel sentence style in colloquialism and written language yet. I should stop thinking in Japanese. I should stop 'Oda-san'. today I become 'Mr.Oda' or 'Tommy Yoda'. these pronouncations are easy and good! ^^ it's a joke.^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; fortunately i can find good texts.

i hope these books will enable me to improve my English.^^
oppositely i heard this book is good for learner of Japanese.

i'm reading this book to teach my foreign students Japanese.