Apr 30, 2008


I'm listening to Miyavi(myv/pops) at the first time.

How awesome he plays the guitar!!
usually 'chopper' is played by base.but,he plays it by acoustic guitar!
these songs are pop but have Rock spilits.

I remember Hide's solo project.(Hide is a guitarist of Xjapan,but he died...)I cannnot but help crying....*ashame*

I'm looking forward to listening to S.K.I.N.^^
# Am I a foe of Dark Rockers??:p

Apr 27, 2008

I could !! ^^/

I could finish reading 'Alice's Adventures in Wnderland' in English.There were some words which I don't know by 1 page,and these poetry is very difficult for me...I used dictionary many many many times.it took me 1 month.^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I love this fantasy story.^^
I'm happy.^^

Alice's Adventures in Wnderland

you can read it for(by?) free.

I'll read 'Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There'.

[Lesson2_1:BE-Verb1] わたしはおだです。

//// 1. わたしはおだです。

わたし は おだ です。(watashi ha Oda desu.)
this sentence means 'I am Oda.'

わたし は ___ です。(watasi ha ___ desu. )

> I am ___ .

The pronunciation of this 'は(ha)' is 'わ(wa)'.but,we must write'は(ha)'. It seems that Learners of Japanese often make a mistake in this point.it's not correct to write 'わたし わ'.probably,as much as I make mistakes in 'English Preposition'.in?into?at?for?to?(@@)

please,write your name into ___.

わたし は めありぃ です。(watashi ha Mary/Mearii desu.) > I am Mary.
わたし は ぼぶ です。(watashi ha Bob/Bobu desu.) > I am Bob.

it's easy.^^

next,we learn below.

//// 2.あなたはおださんです。

あなた は おださん です。(anata ha Oda-san desu.)
this sentence means 'You are Oda.'

you > あなた(anata)

あなた は ___さん です。(anata ha ___-san desu. )

> You are ___.
this time we need to add '-san'.
Of course,You can use 'ちゃん(-chan)','くん(-kun)','せんせい(sensei)',and so on.

あなた は めありぃちゃん です。(anata ha Mary-chan desu.) > You are Mary.

あなた は ぼぶさん です。(anata ha Bob-san desu.) > You are Bob.

//// 3.あなたはおださんですか?

あなた は おださん ですか?(Anata ha Oda-san desuka?)
This sentence means 'Are you Oda?'.

あなた は ___さん ですか?(anata ha ___-san desuka? )

> Are you ___ ?
When you want to ask him/her yes or no,it is Interrogative,you change 'です(desu)' into 'ですか?(desuka?)'.

あなた は ぼぶさん です。(anata ha Bob-san desu.) > You are Bob.

あなた は ぼぶさん ですか?(Anata ha Bob-san desuka?) >Are you Bob?

-はい。(hai) > Yes
-いいえ。わたし は おだ です。(iie.watashi ha Oda desu.) > No. I am Oda.

#Let's try to learn by heart the 3 sentences changed into your name. ^^

1.わたし は ___ です。
2.あなた は ___さん です。
3.あなた は ___さん ですか?

next lesson is 'かのじょ は がくせい です。'
See you!^^

Apr 22, 2008

[Lesson1]Greeting > あいさつ(aisatsu)


first,you can write Japanese without Japanese keyboard. :D
i found the page.

// Greeting //

English > Hiragana(Romaji)

// basic //
Good morning > おはよう(ohayou)
Good Day,Hello > こんにちわ(konnichiwa)
Good Evening > こんばんわ(konbanwa)
Good night > おやすみ(oyasumi)

hi > やぁ(yaa)
:later,I'll explain small 'あ(a)'. in Keyboard type 'la'.then,'ぁ'.

See you > またね(matane)
Bye > ばいばい(baibai)
Thank you > ありがとう(arigatou)
Sorry(apology) > ごめんなさい(gomennasai)
Please > どうぞ(douzo)

// extra //
Japanese > にほんご(nihongo)
English > えいご(eigo)
yes > はい(hai)
no > いいえ(iie)

but,almost Japanese know it in English.^^;

// advance //
How do you do? > はじめまして(hajimemashite)

How are you? > おげんきですか?(ogenkidesuka?)
How are you doing? > おげんき?(ogenki?)
How you doing? by Joey Tribbiani > げんきかい?(genkikai?)

Have a nice day. > よいいちにちを(yoiichinichiwo)
Have a nice weekend. > よいしゅうまつを(yoishuumatsuwo)

# Let's try to write にほんご! ^^

I want to know more greeting in English.
please,tell me.I'll try to translate.^^

Apr 20, 2008

[Lesson0-1]all Hiragana (ぜんぶの ひらがな)

as you know,Japanese has 5 vowels.
あいうえお(aiueo) :D

and the Consonant is added to them, it becomes all Hiragana.


     あ(a)   い(i)     う(u)     え(e)    お(o)
add k: か(ka)  き(ki)     く(ku)    け(ke)    こ(ko)
add s: さ(sa)  し(si/shi)   す(su)    せ(se)   そ(so)
add t: た(ta)  ち(ti/chi)   つ(tu/tsu)  て(te)   と(to)
add n: な(na)  に(ni)     ぬ(nu)   ね(ne)   の(no)
add h: は(ha)  ひ(hi)     ふ(hu/fu) へ(he)   ほ(ho)
add m: ま(ma)  み(mi)    む(mu)   め(me)   も(mo)
add y: や(ya)          ゆ(yu)           よ(yo)
add r: ら(ra)   り(ri)     る(ru)     れ(re)   ろ(ro)
add w: わ(wa)                        を(wo)


onece upon a time,it seems that we used 50 sounds.
now,46 sounds.but,name is 'fifty-sound'.


・Muddied Consonant Sounds

add g:が(ga)  ぎ(gi)    ぐ(gu)   げ(ge)   ご(go)
add z:ざ(za)  じ(zi)     ず(zu)  ぜ(ze)    ぞ(zo)
add d:だ(da)  ぢ(di)    づ(du)   で(de)   ど(do)
add b:ば(ba)  び(bi)    ぶ(bu)   べ(be)   ぼ(bo) 
add p:ぱ(pa)  ぴ(pi)    ぷ(pu)   ぺ(pe)   ぽ(po)

Japanese think below...

あいうえお' can not be muddied.
'かきくけこ' can be muddied into ’がぎぐげご’.
'さしすせそ' can be muddied into ’ざじずぜぞ'.

・The Small 「や」、「ゆ」、and 「よ」

add ky:きゃ(kya)      きゅ(kyu)        きょ(kyo)
add ch:ちゃ(cha)      ちゅ(chu)        ちょ(cho)
add ny:にゃ(nya)       にゅ(nyu)       にょ(nyo)
add hy:ひゃ(hya)       ひゅ(hyu)      ひょ(hyo)
add my:みゃ(mya)       みゅ(myu)      みょ(myo)
add ry:りゃ(rya)       りゅ(ryu)        りょ( ryo)
add gy:ぎゃ(gya)       ぎゅ(gyu)       ぎょ(gyo)
add  j:じゃ(ja)       じゅ(ju)           じょ(jo)   
add dy:ぢゃ(dya)       ぢゅ(dyu)      ぢょ(dyo)   
add by:びゃ(bya)       びゅ(byu)       びょ(byo) 
add py:ぴゃ(pya)        ぴゅ(pyu)      ぴょ(pyo)

they are related to the word with the vowel of い('i)'.

い き し ち に ひ み り。

い can not add small 'や'.
き can add small 'や'. then,'きゃ',’きゃきゅきょ’
し can add small 'や'. then,しゃ','しゃしゅしょ'

Japanese children paractice like that,
あいうえお かきくけこ さしすせそ ....
がきぐげご ざじずぜぞ だぢづでど...
きゃきゅきょ ちゃちゅちょ にゃにゅにょ...

but,I think that you need not learn it by heart this time.
Japanese also can't say All Hiragana at once.^^;

next lesson is Greeting!!

Apr 17, 2008

[Lesson0-0]Japanese has 5 vowels.

Japanese has 5 vowels.
but,they are included in English vowels.

あ(a): a of father
い(i):i of fit
う(u):u of put
え(e):e of get
お(o):o of pot

so my family name 'oda' is....
'o' of pot and 'da' of dash.

あいうえお(aiueo),repeat after me 50 times.

oppositely,it is difficult for Japanese to pronun English vowels.^^;
ea,ei,eu,ee,eo.I bite my tongue. (@@)

Can you understand?^^

Apr 16, 2008

I become a high school teacher

I'm happy.cos I become a high school teacher with friends once a week from April.my subject is 'Media Communication'.I teach them how to produce contents/marketing at website,radio,TV,event,and so on.:D

I gave students a homework.
What will happen at next lesson? ^^

enjoy!! :D

Apr 14, 2008

ABS and GodDragonRamen

I went to ABS at Adachi-ku with my family.It excited us.cos anything is low price!!alomost half price!What a wonderful discount shop it is !!

Sorry,I had a mistake in taking photo.'A' of 'ABS' has cut...^^;
In Japanese ABS means 'えびす'.:D

afterward we went to GodDragonRamen at Misato in Saitama.I ate TanTanmen which is a type of noodle.It was very hot but delicious!!


I would love to introduce our town to many many people.:D